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Sundre Yoga

Located in the Beautiful Foothills of the Alberta Rocky Mountains

200, Main Ave

Sundre, AB

The Studio Is Reopening Sept 6th!

And just like that Summer is coming to a close. 

It has been a wonderful summer!  There is no denying it that the last couple of years has been more than challenging.  I would like to think that I manage stress well, but I am human after all.  It takes some real downtime and decompressing to realize how high of level my stress was at until it has finally come down.  

How I came to this was regular early morning yoga and meditation, almost daily Yoga Nidra sessions (coming to the studio) and time to reflect without busying myself along with taking time and be grateful for the smallest of things.  It takes work to not complain, to not look at what is wrong instead of what is wonderful.  I can say that the more you do it the easier it is, but you have to put the work in.  

It is this type of yoga I teach, for every body, for every walk of life.  It works.

There is a change to my weekly schedule.  I have shifted my Monday Hatha Yoga class to 6:30pm from 4:30pm.  I have had several requests for an evening class again, so lets see how it goes!

Looking forward to being with everyone again 



Please see "Schedule" for classes in the next few months.