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Sundre Yoga

Located in the Beautiful Foothills of the Alberta Rocky Mountains

200, Main Ave

Sundre, AB

Time To Be Grateful!

I titled my last post as "Time to be Grateful" and that sentiment has not changed.  I have felt the constant waves of calm and then storm that can change almost hourly.  People are reactive, tired and scared.  If there is ever a time in life that Yoga is needed it is now.  Not just the practice of Asana, but the calmness of Pranayama, and Savasana.  A sliver of time to reduce our stress so we can observe our world rather than react to it.  

I fill my day with thoughts of what I am grateful for. Simple things like a good cup of coffee, the chance to be outside, a conversation with a friend. I check my breath as often as I can remember, and when I do I take a long slow breath, which often turns into another and another.  

The studio is open, as well as a continuation of my Zoom Womb.  

I am so incredibly happy to announce the end of Vaccine passports!  This has been such a struggle for me, knowing that I was unable to connect with so many people in a time when we needed stress reduction and loving kindness so much.    

I appreciate your kindness more than you can imagine.

Please check out my workshop page as I just announced a workshop to help decompress and reduce our stress.  It is In Studio as well as Streamed.